Trinity Fruit Company harvests farming land all throughout the Central Valley. Since 1999, we have evolved into a year-round vertically integrated fruit company to guarantee quality extended from our farms to our customers.

Our line covers a wide spectrum of fruits. Located in the San Joaquin Valley of Central California, we are in the heart of the largest agricultural producing county in the world. We are one with our growers. Our strategic alliances have created partnerships in our daily operations: planning, growing, monitoring, picking, packing, shipping and distributing in a cooperative effort to produce the finest in quality natural products. We strive to create an excellent eating experience for all of our customers.

Pomegranate Varieties

Pomegranates: September – October

  • Emek
  • Smith
  • Shani-Yonai
  • Urbanagranate
  • Early Wonderful
  • Aco
  • Early Foothill
  • Wonderful
  • Pafianca

Organic Pomegranates

Pomegranates: September – October

  • Wonderful